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Beard oil

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Looking for the right beard oil for your beard? At ManandShaving you will find an extensive collection of beard oils that perfectly match the correct care of your beard. Our beard oils make the beard hairs soft and ensure a nice tight and shiny beard. In addition, they also help prevent dry and flaky skin under the beard. Discover our range of beard oils now and give your beard the care it deserves.

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Everything you need to know about beard oil

As soon as you have decided to leave your beard, the care of your beard will immediately come around the corner. A well -groomed and tight beard starts with yourself and the use of the right beard oil. The use of beard oil is very popular and more and more men with beards use beard oil daily. In addition to brushing and shaving teeth, beard care and the use of beard oil has become part of the daily morning routine.

Hoe moet ik een baardolie gebruiken?

Why use a beard oil?

Of course you use a beard oil for yourself and your beard. A beard requires daily maintenance, such as:

  • Updating and shaving the beard contours.
  • Cut the beard in model.
  • Modeling or bringing the beard in shape.
  • And taking care of the beard itself and the skin underneath with a beard oil.

A beard oil is for the care of both the beard and the skin. It is an essential beard care product to keep the beard healthy. What does a beard oil do:

  • Feeding and taking care of beard and skin
  • Preventing skin irritations under the beard
  • Preventing a dry or fluffy beard
  • Model or bring it in shape
  • Decorate and take care of shine
  • Softening the bearded hair

4 reasons why you should use beard oil

  • Softness

    When it comes to a young beard, the beard hair can feel hard and stiff. Beard oil makes the beard hairs softer.

  • Shine

    A beard oil provides a shiny effect. This makes the beard look nice and well cared for.

  • Care

    The skin under the beard can irritate and flake. Many men with beards suffer from light skin irritation under the beard. Very annoying and annoying, because it itches terribly. Rubbing and scratching does not help and only makes it worse. Instead of scratching you can use beard oil much better. The beard oil is absorbed by the skin, reducing the irritation step by step. 

  • Check

    Do you have a nice full beard and suffer from a dry or fluffy beard? Then use a beard oil after cleaning. The beard hairs absorb the oil, making it less fluffy and your beard can better keep shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which beard oil should you buy?

What are the components of a beard oil?

Many beard care products are made from essential oils. Most beard oil products consist of a mix of various caring vegetable natural oils and fats, such as:

  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Mint oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Castor oil
  • Almond oil

Beard oil often has a neutral to light scent of these oils. The most important scents are: wood, mint and citrus. 

Many beard oils are perfumed and contain extra added perfume or odor components or a ready-made perfume oil. These perfume oils (perfume or fragrances) usually consist of synthetic fragrances. Perfumed beard oil products have a light to strong woody or spicy scent, such as:

  • Proraso Single Blade Beard oil Wood & Spice
  • Captain Fawcett's Beard oil Maharajah Beard Oil
  • Proraso Single Blade Beard oil Cypress & Vetyver

There are also beard oils with an extra fresh citrus scent or the invigorating scent of mint, such as:

  • Lard Beard Serum
  • Acca Kappa Barbershop Beard oil
  • Antica Barbieria Colla Beard oil bitter Orange

The Cuban Blend from Bluebeards Revenge has a soft, slightly sweet tobacco scent. The Proraso Single Blade Beard Care Line consists of 4 beard oils, each with a different perfume: Refreshing, Azur Lime, Cypress & Vetyver and Wood & Spice.

Why buy an unscented beard oil?

Do you hate odors or do you not want the scent of the beard oil to dominate the smell of your favorite perfume? Or are you sensitive to the added odor or perfume components? It is usually the perfume components that can irritate the skin, such as itching and red spots. Then use a neutral to unscented beard product. Fortunately, more and more men's care brands also have unscented beard oils, such as:

  • Recipe for Men Beard oil Beard Elixer
  • Suavecito Beard oil Beard Serum Unscented 30ml

Do I have to buy a thin or thick lumpy beard oil?

On our webshop you will find both thin and thick oily or lumpy beard oils. What are the advantages and disadvantages? A thin oil is immediately absorbed by the beard hairs and skin. You can distribute and massage it more easily. The caring effect takes less long, compared to a lumpy beard oil. If you have normal to oily skin, it is best to use a thin beard oil because it feels less greasy. A thick greasy beard oil is absorbed less quickly. The caring and nourishing effect takes longer. If you suffer from dry or flaky skin, you will benefit a lot from thick beard oil. The choice is of course personal.

How do you use beard oil?

How much beard oil should you use?

The amount of beard oil naturally depends on the size of your beard and type of beard hair. A dry or fluffy beard needs a little more beard oil. A few drops is usually enough for your beard. Do not use too much because otherwise your beard will feel too greasy or sticky. Your skin is a big 'sponge'. Too much oil is no longer absorbed by the skin and stays on your skin too much.

What are the best beard oils?

What are the best and well -known beard care brands?

The beard brands below are very popular and have a large group of loyal users.

  1. Proraso Single Blade started as the professional beard care line of the worldwide known Italian top brand Proraso. It has been developed by and for Barbers and Barbershops. In the meantime, every man with beard does have beard oil from this brand on his plan. The Single Blade Care Line consists of 4 different beard oils: Refreshing, Azur Lime, Cypress & Vetyver and Wood & Spice
  2. Captain Fawcett from England is known for very special and exclusive beard oils, such as the Maharajah and whiskey beard oil. Or the Jimmy Niggles Esq. The Million Dollar Beardoil with added flakes of 23-carat gold leaf. 
  3. Guardenza started small a few years ago, but now a well -known men's care brand with an extensive range of superior beard products. The beard oils are produced in the Netherlands, only contain natural essential oils and are vegan-friendly and animal-free. Guardenza's beard products are pure, easy to use, very effective in results and affordable. Guardenza strives for an ecological and zero waste production process through the use of recycled packaging. 
  4. MR Bear Family was founded in 2012 by the Swede Björn Landén. He started at the kitchen table with the production of beard products. The beard oils of Mr Bear Family are sold worldwide and widely used in Barbershops. The brand consists of a complete range of beard care with various coordinated product and odor lines, such as the Beard Brew Woodland and Wilderness. In Sweden everything is traditionally produced in its own factory. 
  5. Since 2011, DR K SOAP Company has been making Beard Care Products in a traditional way. Founded by the Irish biochemist and scientist Dr. Rob Karreman. All products from DR K Soap Company are SLS-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free and never tested for animals.

What are the top 5 best beard oils?

The choice is huge. From classic traditional beard products to trendy barber's records. To help you on your way, we have put together a top 5 for you.

Proraso Single Blade Beard oil Wood & Spice

For years, the ProRaso beard oils have been at the top of each lists. The Single Blade product line consists of 4 fantastic caring beard oils: Refreshing, Wood & Spice, Azur Lime and Cypress & Vetyver.

The Wood & Spice oil is the most popular. It has a warm spicy and robust scent of sandalwood, cedar and citrus. The scent is distinctive and unique. It is a non -greasy oil that quickly withdraws the skin and has a caring effect. All single Blade beard oils contain sunflower oil, avocado oil, macademia oil and walnut oil. In addition, they contain a lot of Eucalyptus and Menthol. This ensures a wonderfully fresh feeling on the skin.

The refreshing contains a lot of menthol and eucalyptus and gives an invigorating feeling on the skin. The Azur Lime beard oil has a light fresh and classic barbershop citrus scent. The Cypress & Vetyver is a recognizable light forest and wood scent.

Guardenza Beard oil Original

The Original is the first beard oil of the Dutch Guardenza. This light thin beard oil hydrates the skin and effectively softens the beard hairs. The blend of various caring oils prevents dry skin and beard itch. It provides a nice natural shine. This beard oil includes argan oil and castor oil. The scent is fresh and at the same time woody, warm and little bit sweet. The first smells are bergamot and a touch of incense. Finally, smell the pleasant warm woody sandalwood.

Dr. Harris Beard oil Windsor

Dr. Harris stands for Seize the day. Start the day with a fresh shave and in this case a well -groomed and perfect beard. Since 1790, Dr. Harris has been producing shaving and skin care products for men. This beard oil is the only beard product in the very extensive range of the English DR Harris. Windsor is a popular scent and product line and that is the reason that this beard oil is sold a lot. This beard oil does not feel greasy and is immediately absorbed. Windsor is a distinguished and classic fresh scent of citrus, pepper and vetiver. A scent for the real gentleman with beard.

Mr Bear Family Beard oil Beard Brew Woodland

The Beard Brew Beard oil Range of MR Bear Family are sold worldwide. There is a bottle of this Swedish beard brand in every Barbershop. Björn Landén started putting together beard oil for his own beard. Because of this he knows well what works or not for the care of your beard. All beard oils contain a blend of aprazer spit oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, roswood oil. The biological argan oil in this beard oil softens the skin and prevents dehydration. The beard will look better. It gives your beard a natural shine and makes it easier to comb. The Woodland Beard Brew is popular because it has a strong fresh and spicy scent of resin and rosemary. You can smell a summer fresh pine forest. All beard products from Mr Beard Family are produced in a traditional way. It only contains natural ingredients, is not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly.

Acca Kappa Barbershop Beard oil

The beard oil from Acca Kappa is part of a complete beard care line for the modern man: Barber Shop Collection. It is a superior beard product in a handy pump bottle. Many customers of ours continue to use this beard oil. Why? It feels nice on the skin, the beard gets a clear and natural shine, it is economical to use and it smells wonderfully fresh to mint. It has a slightly syrupy structure. This allows you to easily divide it into the beard. After applying in your beard you feel that the ingredients do their work effectively. The oil is immediately absorbed by the skin and beard hairs. This makes it not feel greasy. The Kappa Beard oil Acca contains, among other things, the following active ingredients: Argan oil, linseed oil, Sacha inchi oil and Moringa extracts.

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