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After Shave Balm

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An aftershave balm from Manandshaving ensures that you do not suffer from chapped skin or a tight feeling after shaving. Prevent shaving irritations and effectively care for your skin for a comfortable shave. You can buy the right aftershave balm from us, because we take this seriously. Our aftershave balms are specially designed to soothe and care for your skin after shaving. Choose from a wide range of unscented or paraben-free after shave balms or after shave repair products. Do you want an invigorating experience or a wonderfully perfumed after shave lotion or balm for a fresh feeling on the skin after shaving? At Manandshaving we have it all. And if you suffer from ingrown hairs, we also have an anti-ingrown hair cream that you can use. Take good care of your skin with our high-quality aftershave products.

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Why use an aftershave balm?

Using the razor and shaving foam can cause the skin to feel dry or chapped after shaving. Or worse: the skin is red, irritated and feels burning. In this situation you should immediately 'put out the fire' with an aftershave balm. You apply an aftershave balm to the skin immediately after shaving. Distribute well and massage in briefly. The balm is absorbed into the skin, soothes and nourishes. After this, you can put on your favorite scent.

Which aftershave balm should you buy?

An aftershave balm contains little or no alcohol. Classic after shaves, colognes and perfumes do contain alcohol. Never use alcohol-containing aftershaves if you have dry or sensitive skin. Do you suffer from a tight feeling or red chapped skin after shaving? Always use neutral or unscented aftershave products . In case of dry skin, use a product with moisturizing ingredients. This aftershave balm feels slightly greasy. If you have normal to oily skin, a balm that is immediately absorbed by the skin is very pleasant and comfortable.

Your favorite shaving product depends on your skin type and of course the scent or perfume. The scents of various balms match the shaving soap or shaving cream. Popular scented balms contain scents of sandalwood, lavender, menthol, eucalyptus or citrus. Many balms contain soothing and caring ingredients, such as aloe vera, chamomile extracts, argan oil and jojoba oil.

Which aftershave balm scent should I choose?

The choice of the scent of your aftershave balm is of course personal. The most important thing, of course, is that the balm takes good care of your skin. Then you decide what scent it should have. It is best if the scent of the balm matches your favorite shaving soap or shaving cream. If your shaving soap has a citrus scent, an aftershave with citrus oils is best. Do you like fresh and invigorating? Then use a balm with a lot of menthol and eucalyptus. Do you shave daily with classic English shaving products? Then use an aftershave balm with the same scent from the same classic shaving brand. Perhaps you are allergic to fragrance ingredients? Then you will benefit greatly from neutral to unscented aftershave products. Do you not want the scent of the balm to linger for too long because you would like to use a perfume? Then you should also use a neutral balm.

Which brands sell aftershave balm?

The well-known shaving brands sell both scented and unscented aftershave balms. The Italian Acca Kappa has two beautiful perfumed balms. The Belgian Baume.be and French Osma sell shaving products especially for sensitive skin. The major classic English shaving brands DR Harris, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt and Hill have various aftershave products with different scents. The Sandalwood fragrance line from these brands are very popular. Both the English Edwin Jagger and the German Muhle sell aftershave balms with sandalwood, sea buckthorn, menthol and aloe vera. The sandalwood/cedarwood shaving line from Scotland's Castle Forbes smells like an oak forest in autumn. Proraso has a balm for every type of skin: a neutral one for sensitive skin, a cooling one with menthol & eucalyptus and an extra moisturizing one for dry skin. Proraso also has the Single Blade balms. These consist of three fragrance lines: Wood & Spice, Azur Lime and Cypres & Vetiver. HeadBlade from the US has soothing lotions especially for the shaved scalp. Men-Ü from England has a separate nourishing moisturizer for every type of skin. The German Meissner Tremonia produces very special shaving products in a traditional way using only vegetable ingredients. They all have very distinctly masculine scents.

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