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The ultimate irritation prevention. Use a pre-shave product before shaving . A pre-shave oil or gel ensures optimal shaving conditions. For a comfortable shave. Do you have heavy beard growth or dry skin? Always use a pre-shave first as extra protection.

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Why use a pre-shave oil or cream?

Apply preshave cream or oil directly by hand to the beard stubble before shaving. Distribute well and massage in. Do not rinse. Then apply the shaving foam over it. We always say here: 'Your skin is not made to be run over with a knife'. The razor can damage or irritate the skin. A pre-shave provides an extra thin protective film on the skin. In addition, shaving soaps or creams may slightly dehydrate the skin. A pre-shave also protects the skin against the drying effect of shaving foam. Extra preparation before shaving ultimately ensures more shaving comfort afterwards and therefore fewer shaving irritations.

What is the best pre-shave?

There are preshave creams and oils. The preference for either an oil or a cream is of course personal. Both preshave products provide extra protection while shaving. A cream is often an emulsion of water and oils. Pre shave oil is a blend of various natural oils, such as Jojoba oil, Castor oil and Bergamot oil. There are scented and unscented shaving materials. Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Then use a neutral and unscented product. Popular scented pre-shave products contain Sandalwood, Menthol, Eucalyptus or Citrus. Most pre-shave oils are neutral or have a light scent. It often concerns the smell of the various essential oils.

Some preshave oils are greasy and lumpy. The advantage of course is that this oil provides a robust protective layer. The disadvantage is that the oil continues to 'stick' to your fingers. Thin or light oils are easy to apply and are much better absorbed by the skin. The protection of a thin oil may be slightly less.

Which brands sell pre shave?

The well-known shaving brands all sell a pre-shave. The Italian Saponificio Varesino has a nice preshave oil in a handy bottle with a roller. The Belgian Baume.be and American Anthony Logistics sell shaving products especially for sensitive skin. The major classic English shaving brands DR Harris , Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt and Hill have various pre-shave creams and oils with various scents. Taylor of Old Bond Street protective oils have a thick and greasy composition. This provides a nice thick protective layer. The Ultimate Comfort Preshave oil from Truefitt and Hill is very popular. This pre shave oil has a wonderful fresh citrus scent and is easy to apply. The English Edwin Jagger has a preshave cream with Menthol and Eucalyptus. The Menthol & Eucalpytus, Green Tea and Sandalwood preshave creams from the Italian Proraso are world famous. The American eShave sells various pre-shave oils in a handy bottle with a dosage knob. Geo F Trumper from England has perfumed Skin Food pre shave products based on alcohol, glycerin and oils.

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