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A good aftershave is essential for a perfect shave. At Manandshaving we have an extensive collection of aftershaves that provide the perfect finishing touch after shaving. Our aftershaves are refreshing and invigorating and provide an astringent effect. This disinfects and soothes your skin after shaving. Our aftershaves are available in different scents and are suitable for all skin types. Choose an aftershave splash for a refreshing after-treatment or go for an aftershave balm or repair to prevent skin irritations. At Manandshaving you will always find the perfect aftershave for your skin.

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How do you use an aftershave?

Apply aftershave to the freshly shaved skin immediately after shaving. After shaving, the pH value of the skin is disturbed; a lotion ensures that the skin is reset. After shaving, first rinse the skin with cold water and then apply the lotion. The alcohol evaporates, creating a fresh and invigorating feeling.

Most men have oily skin; a lotion is therefore suitable for normal to oily skin. This makes the skin feel less sticky and greasy during the day. If necessary, treat the skin with an alum block and talcum powder or aftershave balm .

Which aftershave should I buy?

An aftershave, cologne and perfume contain alcohol and fragrance ingredients. Never use alcohol-containing shaving products if you have very dry or sensitive skin; the alcohol in the product can possibly dry out the skin further. The lotions provide a fresh feeling on the skin and their scent is much less strong than colognes or men's perfumes. It has the lowest percentage of fragrance ingredients (2% to 4%). The smell of the product diminishes after a few minutes. A cologne contains more fragrance ingredients; A cologne will therefore keep you smelling good for several hours. A perfume has the most scent compared to a cologne and aftershave. It contains the most concentrated amount of fragrance ingredients (10% to 20%). A men's perfume lasts and smells all day long. All aftershave lotions and men's fragrances can be divided into five fragrance classes: fresh, floral, oriental, woody and fougère (woody).

Which scent should I choose?

The choice of scent is of course personal. The best thing, of course, is to use a lotion that matches the scent of the shaving soap or shaving foam . If your shaving soap has a citrus scent, a lotion with citrus oils is best. Do you like fresh and invigorating? Then use a lotion with menthol and eucalyptus. Do you shave daily with classic shaving products? Then use a delicious lotion with the same scent from the same classic shaving brand. Perhaps you are allergic to fragrance ingredients? Then you will benefit greatly from neutral to unscented products. Don't want the scent to linger too long because you want to use a perfume? Then you use a neutral product.

Which brands sell aftershave?

Your favorite lotion is a personal matter. The major English traditional shaving brands, such as DR Harris and Taylor of Old Bond Street, have various classic products with different scents. The Sandalwood fragrance line from these brands are very popular. The famous lotions from Old Spice and Brut are known to every man. The American barbershop brand Clubman Pinaud has an impressive range of aftershave splashes with different scents. The super refreshing Menthol lotions from the Italian Proraso and the Spanish Floid are very popular. The German Meissner Tremonia produces very special products based on organic alcohol. The scents of these lotions match their shaving soaps. The products from the Portuguese Antiga Barbearia de Bairro all have very subtle and unique masculine scents and match perfectly with their shaving creams.

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