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Shaving foam

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A comfortable and efficient shave starts with the right shaving foam. At Manandshaving you will find an extensive collection of superior quality shaving foam, for optimal protection and care while shaving. Choose from various renowned brands for a perfectly smooth shave.

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Why use a shaving cream?

Shaving foam is a convenience product. One push of a button and the ready-to-use foam comes out. Ready for use! First wet your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. If necessary, use a pre-shave oil in advance; This provides extra shaving comfort and fewer shaving irritations. Apply a little foam, distribute it well and massage it in and then you can shave. After shaving, you must rinse the foam thoroughly.

Which shaving cream should you buy?

The main ingredients of shaving cream are glycerin and stearic acid. A good shaving product produces a full and stable foam and remains moist for a long time. There are scented and unscented shaving materials. Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Then use a neutral and unscented product with extra caring and moisturizing ingredients, such as lanolin or shea butter. Many shaving products contain menthol. This provides a nice fresh feeling on the skin. But be careful: menthol can also irritate the skin.

Choose a shaving product that suits your skin

Do you have sensitive or dry skin? Then use a classic shaving soap or shaving cream instead of a ready-made shaving foam. These shaving products should be applied with the shaving brush and provide better protection while shaving. If you have heavy beard growth, it is much better to use these classic shaving products. The combination of warm water, shaving soap or shaving cream and shaving brush ensures that beard hairs become softer and softer. The softer the beard hairs, the easier it is to shave and the smoother the shaving result.

Which brands sell shaving foam?

Several well-known shaving brands sell shaving foam. The Italian Acca Kappa has two beautiful perfumed shaving products: White Moss and 1869. Proraso has four different product lines: shaving foam with menthol and eucalyptus, for sensitive skin, for heavy beard growth and for dry skin. Proraso's shaving products are ideal for shaving your beard . The Swedish skin care brand Recipe for Men has a special moisturizing product for sensitive and dry skin. This shaving product prevents razor burn and razor burn after shaving.

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