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Shaving brush

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If you opt for the classic wet shave, you need a real shaving brush. At Manandshaving you will find a shaving brush made of dash hair, pig bristle or synthetic hair for a rich and full foam texture for a comfortable shave and the best shaving result. We offer various shaving brushes from German, English and Italian top brands. You will also find traditional shaving brushes for the classic man or a sleek, modern and timeless design for the modern man.

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Why do you need a shaving brush?

Most of us agree that wet shaving is much more pleasant than dry shaving with a device. The shaving result is also fresher and smoother. The combination of warm water, shaving soap, a shaving brush and a little time ensures a nice and comfortable shave. Shaving soap or shaving cream should be foamed with water and a shaving brush. With the shaving brush - which you can easily order in our webshop - you can distribute the shaving foam evenly over your face.

How do you use a shaving brush?

Wet the brush with lukewarm water and apply a little shaving cream or soap it with shaving soap. Gently move it back and forth over the face. Beard hairs are as hard as copper wires, but they also absorb water. So take your time! You must apply the shaving foam, shaving soap or shaving cream for at least 1 minute and lather it onto the face. This makes the beard hairs softer and softer; this makes for easier shaving. By applying less pressure with the razor, you ensure more shaving comfort and fewer shaving irritations afterwards.

Do not press the brush too much in the soap, shaving bowl or on your face. This can damage or break the hair. After use, rinse everything thoroughly, fluff it out and hang it upside down in a holder. This allows the brush to dry out properly and makes it last longer.

Which shaving brush should I buy?

The choice of your shaving brush is of course personal. One is not better than the other. The main manufacturers of shaving brushes are Edwin Jagger, Muhle and Omega. Below is a list of the different types of hair.

Badger hair shaving brushes

If you opt for luxury, you choose a beautiful shaving brush made of badger hair. Badger hair feels pleasant on the skin and quickly produces a beautiful and full shaving foam:
100% natural
Elastic and flexible
Feels pleasant on the skin
Absorbs a lot of water and produces a lot of foam
Durable and long service life
Extensive range, various qualities and various sizes

Pig bristle shaving brushes

Pig bristle shaving brushes are low priced. The pig bristles feel firm and stiff. Pig bristles are slightly stiffer than badger bristles:
100% natural
Affordable price
Sturdy and compact shaving brush
Produces sufficient shaving foam
Extensive offer

Synthetic hair shaving brushes

Objection to a shaving brush made of badger or pig hair? Then you choose a shaving brush made of synthetic hair. The synthetic hair has practically the same resistance, elasticity and softness of badger hair:
No animal hair
Elastic and flexible
Produces sufficient shaving foam
Dries quickly after use

Do you suffer from acne or perhaps an allergy to animal hair? Then use a shaving brush made of synthetic bristles. Plastic bristles are more hygienic to use.

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Order a shaving brush from the best brands

You will find various shaving brushes from renowned brands at Manandshaving. We are happy to help you find the right copy!

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