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Beard care

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With the right beard care you can ensure a beautiful, sleek beard. Caring and maintaining your beard starts with the right tools. At Manandshaving you can find the best products for beard care. Use special beard combs and beard brushes to maintain and care for your beard daily. You can use beard scissors to trim your beard.

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Why should you use a beard comb and beard brush for beard care?

Most beard combs are made of wood. A wooden beard comb is better for the beard hairs. Plastic combs cause the beard to become static. This causes it to attract dust and dirt, and we don't want that. Use a beard comb with a wide-toothed comb for the large beard. A beard comb with a fine comb is suitable for combing the mustache. Brush out dust and dirt with a beard brush with boar bristles. A good beard brush is soft on the beard and hard on the dirt, so your beard stays in shape and dust-free. The edges of the mustache and beard should be shaved regularly. The mustache and beard razor and beard scissors are for keeping your mustache, beard and sideburns neat and tidy. For a nice, regular shape of the beard, you should regularly trim the beard. Use special beard scissors for this. These scissors have a safe round point at the end. This also allows you to safely cut away ear and nose hairs.

Which brands sell combs and brushes to maintain your beard?

All well-known beard care brands have a beard comb or beard brush in their range, such as the Dutch Guardenza, the German OAK and the Swedish Mr. Bear Family. The German DOVO is a well-known scissor manufacturer from Solingen. They also sell various special mustache and beard scissors.

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