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Double edge razor blades

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The safety razor is back again. Why? It shaves well, comfortably and smoothly. It prevents ingrown beard hairs and other stubborn shaving irritations. Do you have sensitive skin and light or heavy beard growth? No problem. Manandshaving has a razor for every type of skin and beard. Furthermore, shaving is darn affordable. You save a lot of money. It provides the ultimate shave and a perfectly smooth and fresh shave. View our offer online.

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What are double edge razor blades?

Previously, men used the straight razor. Not everyone was skilled at using this razor. People often had their shaves done by an experienced barber. In the early 1900s, Gillette received the patent for the current double edge disposable razor blade and the accompanying razor holder: the safety razor. Because the Gillette razor became part of the standard equipment of the US Army during the First World War, the double edge razor system became a huge success worldwide.

The double edge knife is flat, rectangular and has cutting edges on both long sides. The blade cuts on two sides: double edge. The dimensions are universal: Manufacturers use different metal alloys, coatings and grinding techniques to produce the most optimal razor blade. Clamp the razor blade in the shaving head of the razor holder.

Which double edge razor blade to buy for your razor?

All double edge razor blades are standard (universal) and fit in any classic safety razor. So, for example, the Muhle or Feather razor blade also fits in the safety razors from Edwin Jagger or Merkur. The various brands of razor blades have different shaving properties: from mild to medium and super sharp. The Derby razor blades are mildly sharp. The Merkur DE blades are medium sharp and the Japanese Feather blades are known to be razor sharp. The choice of your favorite blade is therefore personal and depends on the type of skin and beard.

If you have sensitive or vulnerable skin or very light beard growth, you will benefit greatly from mildly sharp blades. In case of normal beard growth, you can shave with medium to sharp razor blades. In case of stiff and heavy beard growth, you probably prefer a nice, sharp and aggressive blade. Which razor blade suits you is a matter of trial and error.

Why buy double edge razor blades?

99% of our customers who switch from the modern cartridge razor to the double edge razor indicate that it gives a very comfortable, efficient and close shave. The individual DE blades cost an average of €0.25 each. So you will save a lot of money on an annual basis compared to the modern razor systems of the well-known brands. In addition, you will suffer much less from shaving irritations, such as a chafing or burning sensation and ingrown beard hairs. Because it is a universal system and the various razor brands have different shaving properties, you can easily put together the right combination and tailor it to your skin and beard. Finally, it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than modern disposable blades. The double edge blade consists only of metal. Modern catridge blades usually consist of different materials, such as metal and plastic.

How do I shave with double edge razor blades?

Shaving with the safety razor is not difficult. Many of our customers who switch from the modern cartridge razor to the double edge razor indicate that you can master it within one week. First lather the skin well with shaving foam. Place the blade in the shaving head and clamp it in place. Hold the razor lightly and smoothly between your thumb and index finger at the top of the handle. Handle the razor at an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the skin. Let the razor do its work: do not apply pressure and shave with gentle movements. First shave with the beard hairs and, if necessary, then shave against the direction of the beard hairs. If you are going to shave against the grain, you should hold the handle as much as possible with two or three fingers at the bottom of the handle.

Regularly rinse the razor blade and shaving head while shaving. Clean the razor thoroughly after use. Do not pat the razor dry on a hard surface. Finally, store the razor out of the reach of children.

Double edge razor brands

Below is an overview of the different razor blades and the associated information about quality and sharpness (by means of ★) and shaving properties. One ★ is mildly sharp, ★★ is sharp and ★★★ means extremely sharp.

Mildly sharp and forgiving, suitable for the novice shaver and light/normal beard growth (number of shaves: 2-4):
★ Timor

Sharp and forgiving, suitable for the novice shaver and normal/heavy beard growth (number of shaves: 4-6):
★★ Merkur
★★ Mühle

Extremely sharp, suitable for the experienced shaver and heavy beard growth (number of shaves: 7-10):

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