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Place your order. Earn PingPing. And receive a discount.

Earn and save with our PingPing Savings Program

As a regular customer, you can earn PingPing points with every purchase that can be exchanged for discounts on future purchases.

How do you earn PingPing points?

  • create an account

    Register for an account and immediately receive 150 welcome PingPing points.

  • Earn PingPing points

    Earn 140 PingPing points for every euro spent (excluding shipping and payment costs). Moreover, you can earn extra PingPing points by participating in specific promotions!

  • Spend your points on exclusive promotions

    Once you have saved PingPing points, you can use them for promotions and promotions with changing collections.

Terms and conditions of the PingPing Savings Program

Why don't you earn PingPing points on shipping and payment costs?

PingPing points are not awarded on shipping and payment costs to keep the cost structure transparent.

Can you earn PingPing points on products purchased at a discount or on sale?

No, points are not awarded for products purchased at a discount or on sale.

Where are PingPing points valid?

PingPing points are only valid for paid orders via Manandshaving.

What happens to your PingPing points if you cancel or return an order?

In case of cancellation or return, the points earned will be deducted from your account.

How long are PingPing points valid?

Points remain valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Can you use both PingPing points and a discount code at the same time?

You cannot redeem PingPing points and a discount code at the same time.