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After shave repair and alum

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Prevent red, chapped skin, the burning sensation and razor burns after shaving! Soothe and repair your skin effectively with our after shave repair and alum products. For a comfortable shave and optimal care. Patch shaving wounds with an alum marker and disinfect and neutralize soap components with an alum block. Normalize skin functions with our after shave repair or razor burn repair products. Take care of your skin after shaving with our unscented or paraben-free after shave balm or after shave repair to prevent a burning sensation and skin irritations. Enjoy an invigorating or wonderfully perfumed feeling on the skin with our after shave lotion or balm. And for stopping bleeding, use alum. Do you suffer from ingrown hairs? Try our anti-ingrown hair cream for an effective solution.

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How do you use an after shave repair or alum marker?

A small razor burn while shaving? No problem. You apply an after shave repair or alum stick to the skin after shaving. Wounds are closed with an alum marker. Just wet it with cold water and apply it to the shaving wound.

Why use alum after shaving?

An alum block is also made of alum, but less concentrated. An alum block is part of the after shave treatment. If necessary, use it after the after shave splash or balm. Wet with cold water and rub over the shaved area. Avoid the eye contour. What does alum do to your newly shaven skin? Shaving soaps are basic, alum is an acid. Alum neutralizes the soap components in the skin pores and restores the pH value of your skin. It also has a disinfectant and astringent effect. Astringent means that the skin pores close and normalize. Moreover, it feels pleasant on the skin.

How do you use an after shave tonic?

Apply the after shave tonic or repair to the skin after shaving. Distribute well and massage in briefly. It absorbs the skin, soothes and nourishes.

After shave repair types

An after shave repair does not contain alcohol. An after shave, cologne and perfume do contain alcohol. Never use alcohol-containing aftershaves if you have dry or sensitive skin. Do you suffer from a tight feeling or red chapped skin after shaving? Then use an after shave tonic or repair from Golddachs . All well-known shaving brands sell an alum stick and alum block. An alum stick effectively stops bleeding. An alum block disinfects and neutralizes the soap components in the pores. It also ensures that the pores astringent again.

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