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Beard balm

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Make sure you have a nice, sleek beard. The more beard, the more care. Buying the right beard balm is serious business. Use a beard balm daily to shape your beard.

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How do you use a beard balm?

The fuller and larger the beard, the more you have to keep it in check. Avoid a fluffy and bouncy beard. Beard management starts in the morning with a beard balm. Rub a small amount into the palm of your hand, apply and distribute evenly. Finally, shape the beard. After a few days, clean your beard with a special beard shampoo.

Which beard balm should you buy?

The skin under the beard can irritate and flake. Most beard care products are therefore made from natural materials, such as beeswax, shea butter and essential oils. The choice of a product is personal. A styling beard balm has a firm structure and usually contains beeswax. Many beard balms have a light warm woody scent, such as the Damn Good Soap beard balm The Woods. The Mr Bear Family Woodland has a beautiful forest scent. Some beard products have a fresh citrus scent or a pleasantly invigorating mint scent, such as those from Dr K. Soap Company.

Many beard wearers complain that some balms are difficult to apply. But; the firmer the balm, the better the hold. There are also some beard balm products with a more creamy composition. The advantage is that it is easier to apply and distribute. Guardenza has a citrus-fresh and creamy beard butter. The Italian Saponificio Varesino and the English Apothecary87 also have a creamy beard balm.

Which brands sell beard balm?

Many beard care brands are produced using traditional methods. There are now many brands with beard products for your mustache and/or beard . In the Netherlands we have Damn Good Soap Company. Damn Good Soap's well-known product and fragrance lines are: Original, The Woods and The Streets. The classic American barbershop brand Clubman Pinaud has a neutral odorless beard balm. The cool beard brand Uppercut is produced in Australia. Björn Landén started at the kitchen table in 2012 with the production of the Swedish Mr. Bear Family. This beard care brand is now sold worldwide. Mr. Bear Famliy has a complete range of beard care with various coordinated product and fragrance lines. Rob from the Irish Dr K Soap Company has been making beard care products using traditional methods since 2011. Dr. K products contain a lot of mint oil. The major men's brands, such as Acca Kappa, Proraso, Truefitt and Hill and Taylor of Old Bond Street, also sell various beard products.

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