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Muhle - Manandshaving


If you like sleek, modern and luxurious or stylish classic design. Then choose Mühle shaving brushes and razors. Mühle is German top quality. The products are manufactured from the very best materials, such as stainless steel, chrome and special metal alloys and coatings. Mühle stands for craftsmanship, perfect finish, durability and uniqueness. Mühle also has an extensive shaving and skin care line for men.

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History Muhle

In 1945, just after the Second World War, Otto Johannes Müller started the production of shaving brushes and other shaving equipment. Without money and machines, he started at the kitchen table. The first load of shaving articles was transported using a horse and cart.

Today, Mühle is run by the third generation of Müller and is one of the global market leaders in shaving brushes and razors. Muhle stands for craftsmanship, sustainability, innovation and design. The shaving products are produced in Germany. Muhle is constantly developing new guy ropes and using new materials.

Assortment from Muhle

Muhle sells a wide range of razors and shaving brushes. The shaving brushes are made of dash hair or synthetic hair. Commonly used hairs of the Badger are the Bestbadger and Silver Spit hairs. The Silvertip Fiber is a new generation of synthetic fiber. These plastic hairs look a lot like the Zilverspits dash hairs.

Muhle's most exclusive shaving line is the EDITION. These very luxurious shaving brushes and razors are made from the following materials: chrome, carbon, Bog Oak or Bog Oak.

The SOPHIST range has an elegant, classic and recognizable design. The materials for this line are buffalo horn, African blackwood, porcelain, chrome and plastic. The SOPHIST shaving brushes have a thickened chrome base at the bottom. This allows you to hang the shaving brush upside down in the holder. VIVO is state of the art. Quirky and classic design. An important feature is the solid convex handle of the shaving brushes and razors. The brown-red plum tree wood is used as the base material for the handle.

The CLASSIC shaving brushes have a recognizable classic design. They are made of black or ivory white high-quality plastic.

Muhle STYLO is luxurious, modern design and ergonomics. STYLO shaving brushes and razors have a beautiful slightly curved conical design. The shaving brushes are robust and rock solid. The razors have an ergonomic and balanced handle. Made of high-quality plastic, African Blackwood and the beautiful Thuja root wood. It fits comfortably in the hand.

The KOSMO range has a sleek, modern and cosmopolitan design. This beautiful line consists of safety razors, razor holders for the Gillette Mach3 and Fusion razor blades and shaving brushes made of dash hair and synthetic hair, the so-called Silvertip Fiber. Muhle has used unique materials for the handle, namely dark Bog wood and Olive wood.

The TRADITIONAL range consists of an impressive range of classic safety razors. The length of the handle is between 8 and 10 cm. The average weight is 65 grams. The shaving heads are three-piece and have either a closed comb or an open tooth comb. The Muhle Twist has a two-piece shaving head. This product line also has some nice shaving brushes made of dash hair and synthetic hair. The material and grip of the handle of the corresponding shaving brushes correspond to those of the razors.

The perfect masculine design is reflected in the HEXAGON line. The design resembles nuts and bolts. HEXAGON has already won several design awards. The handle of the razors and shaving brushes are made of anodized aluminum. ROCCA has a simple, robust and masculine design. The basic material is matted stainless steel, high-quality plastic and birch bark. The matted stainless steel gives the shaving brushes and razors a sturdy and industrial look. The Birch bark handle feels warm and comfortable and provides a pleasant grip while shaving.

The Muhle Skincare range consists of various shaving soaps, shaving creams and after shave balms. These are four very complete fragrance lines:

Sandalwood has a sweet and warm woody scent.

Aloe Vera
The Aloe Vera shaving products have a light fresh green scent. Aloe Vera has an active caring effect. This makes these products suitable for sensitive skin.

Sea buckthorn
The Sea Buckthorn fragrance line has a fresh and slightly fruity aroma.

In addition, there is the Organic line. This is a very extensive care line for men: shaving, facial, body and hair care. The vegetable ingredients come from certified organic agriculture. Organic care products contain Argan oil and are neutral to lightly perfumed. These products are ideal for sensitive skin.


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