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Shaving oil

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Enhance your shaving experience with Manandshaving's high-quality shaving oil. Our shaving oil provides a comfortable and efficient shave, with a fresh and perfectly smooth shave. With our superior quality shaving oil you enjoy optimal protection and care while shaving. Our transparent shaving oil is especially suitable for precision shaving of the beard contours.

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How do you use a shaving oil?

A shaving oil is suitable for a quick and efficient shave. First wet your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply a small amount of oil, distribute it well and massage it in. Then you can shave. After shaving, it is important to rinse your face thoroughly.

Is a shaving oil suitable for shaving my beard?

Do you have a beard and do you want to shave the beard contours ? Then we often recommend using a shaving oil. An oil provides a protective sliding film and is transparent. This allows you to see the edges of your beard very clearly and shave the edges more closely. In addition, an oil has a caring and nourishing effect. In the first weeks of your beard, many men suffer from itching and flaking under the beard. Shaving your beard daily with a shaving oil will somewhat alleviate these annoying skin irritations.

Which shaving oil should I buy?

Shaving oil is often a blend of various essential oils. It provides a protective buffer between the skin and the razor. Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Then use an unscented oil and care for your skin and beard with special beard oil . Which brands sell shaving oil?

Some well-known beard care brands have a shaving oil in their range. Dr. K Soap Company and Mr Bear Family also have a shaving oil. Taylor of Old Bond Street has a thick lobed oil with added chamomile extracts. Chamomile has a calming effect during shaving. This means you will suffer less from a chafed feeling or razor burn after shaving.

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