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Safety razor shaving set

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Buying a safety razor shaving set is an important decision. At Manandshaving we offer an extensive collection of shaving sets that consist of a shaving brush, classic double edge safety razor or safety razor, and accompanying holder. Our shaving brushes are made of high-quality 100% badger hair or synthetic hair. Our razors are specially designed for double edge razor blades and offer both a stylish classic design and a modern ergonomic design. A shaving set also makes a great men's gift for the holidays.

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Which brands sell a shaving set?

A shaving set is the ultimate men's gift. The German Mühle and English Edwin Jagger produce the most beautiful luxury design shaving sets worldwide. Both shaving manufacturers produce top quality shaving items. Edwin Jagger's shaving sets have a classic and traditional design. Muhle's shaving sets have a modern and sleek design. The main materials are high-quality plastic, chrome-plated metal or stainless steel and processed wood, such as ebony and ash wood. This makes these shaving sets resistant to moisture and soaps.

A shaving set with a safety razor is a traditional shaving set. A 3-piece shaving set consists of a safety razor, shaving brush and the accompanying holder. A 4-piece shaving set also has a shaving bowl.

Why buy a shaving set with a safety razor?

The choice of a shaving set naturally starts with the choice of the razor. Did you know that many men are increasingly shaving with the classic safety razor? This type of razor shaves just as well as the modern cartridge razor. The individual double edge razor blades cost only €0.20 to €0.55 each. Shaving with the double edge razor system means saving money. And they cause far fewer ingrown beard hairs and razor burns. A shaving set with a safety razor is also suitable for the novice shaver.

Which shaving brush should I buy with the shaving set?

Each shaving set has a nice shaving brush. You apply a classic shaving soap or shaving cream with the shaving brush. Which shaving brush do you prefer? A badger hair shaving brush feels soft and pleasant. It provides a nice full shaving foam and easily distributes the shaving foam over the face. If you have ethical objections to or are allergic to animal hair, choose a shaving brush with synthetic bristles. The synthetic hair has practically the same softness and resistance as badger hair. A synthetic shaving brush also feels pleasant and produces a full shaving foam. A shaving brush is a handmade product and has a long lifespan. After use, clean the shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow it dry and finally hang it upside down in a shaving brush holder.

The shaving bowl

Various shaving sets have a shaving bowl. Both Mühle and Edwin Jagger sell small shaving soaps. These fit perfectly in the shaving bowl. You can of course use a separate shaving bowl with your shaving set.

More information? Take a look at our handy Shaving Set Pointer here.

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