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Shavette razor

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A shavette is a razor-sharp precision instrument for the ultimate classic shave. Or for precision shaving along the beard contours. The perfect razor for maintaining your mustache or beard. A shavette always has a sharp razor and requires no maintenance. Buying a shavette razor is serious business.

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Benefits of a shavette razor

You can insert loose, interchangeable single edge razor blades into the Shavette razor. This means you always have a sharp razor. The shavette razor requires no maintenance, unlike the regular straight razor or straight razor. It is also ideal for maintaining your beard. You can shave the mustache and beard contours very well.

The various brands of double edge razor blades have different shaving properties: from mildly sharp to razor sharp. This allows you to tailor the razor to your personal preference.

Types of shavette razors

The regular double edge razor blades fit perfectly in a shavette razor from Bluebeards Revenge, Guardenza and DOVO. Halve the DE razor blade by cutting it in half and slide the half blade into the adapter of the shavette. DOVO and Feather shavettes are widely used by barbers in barbershops. With a shavette you can shave the edges of the beards closely. You can also use long razor blades of approximately 6 cm in the DOVO shavette razor. This allows you to shave your beard smoothly and efficiently.

The well-known Feather Artist Club shavette razors only fit the Feather shavette razor blades Professional Blades Light/Normal/Heavy. These razor blades come in a handy dispenser. This allows you to easily and safely change the razor blades.

Instruction for shaving with shavette razor

Use the razor safely and carefully! Practice around the sideburns and cheeks at first. Place the shaving foil flat on the skin and then carefully create the 30 degree angle. Do not shave (super) smoothly, especially in the beginning. After a few days you can carefully shave the chin and neck area. First soap and prepare the face thoroughly. Hold the razor lightly and smoothly with your fingertips. Hold razor between thumb and 3 fingers. Hold the razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin. Use a slightly smaller angle on the cheek, chin and upper lip. Also use the correct angle (30 degrees) at the curves of the chin. Press the razor very lightly on the skin. First shave with the beard hairs. While shaving, stretch the skin with the other hand. Shave with gentle, small and even strokes. Start with the sideburns and cheeks, then the neck and finally the chin and mustache area. Don't forget to rinse the razor while shaving.

Shavette razor maintenance

After each shave, remove and clean the razor blade in the shavette. Change the blade after a few shaves.

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