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Badger hair shaving brush

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If you opt for classic wet shaving, you need a real shaving brush. A badger hair shaving brush . Buying a shaving brush is serious business. Most wet shavers swear by a shaving brush made of real natural badger hair. These shaving brushes feel pleasant on the skin, absorb a lot of water and quickly produce a rich and full foam texture.

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How do you use a badger hair shaving brush?

Shaving soap or shaving cream should be foamed with water and a shaving brush. With the shaving brush you can apply and distribute the shaving foam well. Wet the brush with lukewarm water and apply a little shaving cream. Or soap it with the shaving soap. Stir the shaving soap around a few times to get shaving foam. If you have enough shaving foam, you can continue to foam it on your face. Gently move it back and forth over the face. Beard hairs are as hard as copper wires. But also absorb water. So take your time. Apply the shaving foam to the face for at least 1 minute. This makes the beard hairs softer and softer. This makes shaving easier. Applying less pressure with the razor ensures more shaving comfort and less shaving irritation afterwards.

How do you maintain a shaving brush?

A shaving brush is a handmade product and has a long lifespan. Poor maintenance and improper cleaning cause a brush to lose hair. After use, clean the shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow it dry and finally hang it upside down in a shaving brush holder. This allows it to diffuse well and you can enjoy your beautiful shaving brush for longer. Just this: cheap drugstore and supermarket shaving soaps or shaving creams such as De Vergulde Hand are very aggressive and can damage and break the bristles of the shaving brush.

Which shaving brush should I buy?

The choice is huge. There are shaving brushes of different price ranges and sizes. The handle of most shaving brushes is made of chrome-plated metal and/or high-quality epoxy resin. The exclusive shaving brushes have a handle made of water-resistant African Blackwood, Olive Wood or Bruyère Wood. Shaving enthusiasts prefer to use a shaving brush with Silvertip or Silvertip bristles. These hairs are selected by hand and are super soft and supple. The Superbadger bristles are slightly cheaper. These bristles are also comfortably soft and supple. From €45 you can get a nice shaving brush with Bestbadger bristles. This is a good and fine quality badger hair.

Which brands sell badger hair shaving brushes?

The largest manufacturers of shaving brushes are the German Mühle , the English Edwin Jagger and Omega from Italy. If you like sleek and modern design, choose Muhle or hjm. Edwin Jagger from Sheffield sells typical English shaving brushes: classic and traditional. If you are more of a fan of frivolous, classic and fresh design, then use a shaving brush from Omega. The shaving brushes from the American eShave are all handmade in New York.

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