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Cheap shaving set Gillette Fusion

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You can buy a nice complete shaving set for little money at Manandshaving. Shaving brushes are made of 100% synthetic hair. Razors are suitable for Gillette® Fusion™ razor blades. Original and useful men's gift for the holidays.

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Cheap shaving set for men

Buying a nice luxurious shaving set for the bathroom is a nice investment. That's why we have some affordable traditional shaving sets. These shaving sets are handmade and consist of a Gillette® Fusion™ razor holder, a synthetic bristle shaving brush and the accompanying holder. The razor and shaving brush are made of high-quality materials, such as chrome.

Shaving set with Gillette Fusion razor and shaving brush

The Gillette® Fusion™ razor is one of the best-selling cartridge razor blades worldwide. That is why the razor is suitable for this type of razor blade. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and ensures a comfortable shave. You apply a classic shaving soap or shaving cream with the shaving brush. The shaving brushes in these shaving sets contain only synthetic bristles. The synthetic bristles feel pleasant on the skin and provide a nice full shaving foam. If you have ethical objections to the use of or are perhaps allergic to animal hair, then choose a shaving brush made of plastic hair. The bristles of these shaving brushes have practically the same softness and resistance as badger bristles.

Use shaving kit

Shaving soap and shaving cream should be foamed onto the face using the shaving brush. It softens the beard hairs and creates a thin film on the skin. It protects the skin from the razor and nourishes the skin. Wet your shaving brush with lukewarm water, put a little bit of shaving cream on the shaving brush and lather it on your face. In the case of a hard shaving soap, you must briefly stir the shaving brush in the shaving soap and then foam it. Do not squish the shaving brush in the soap or on your face. This is not good for the shaving brush.

Beard hairs are as hard as copper wires. But also absorb water. So take your time. Lather shaving cream or shaving soap onto the face for at least 1 minute. This makes the beard hairs softer and softer. This makes shaving easier and reduces razor burn. Shave with light and gentle movements. Applying less pressure with the razor contributes to more shaving comfort. After shaving, rinse your face with cold water and, if necessary, use your favorite after shave splash or after shave balm .

Regularly clean and rinse the razor while shaving. After use, clean the shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow it dry and finally hang it upside down in the accompanying shaving brush holder. This means you can enjoy your razor and shaving brush for longer.

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