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Hair styling

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Everything under control with the right hair gel or pomade ! A slick-back, matte look, a super sleek or messy hairstyle? Create your own hairstyle or look. Give texture to lifeless or difficult hair and also prevent an irritated or dry scalp.

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How do you use a pomade?

It is best to apply your hair gel, pomade or pomade to towel-dried hair. Rub a small amount between the palms of your hands. Distribute and process evenly and thoroughly. If necessary, use a comb to further distribute it evenly. And then style your hair.

Which pomade should you buy?

There are water-based and oil-based pomades. A water-based pomade is easy to apply and dries quickly. Your haircut will remain in perfect shape all day long. A pomade with a greasy oil or wax base will not dry in the hair. This allows you to re-style your hairstyle throughout the day. An oil-based pomade is more difficult to wash out than a water-based hair product. Use special shampoos to clean the hair properly. If you have thin hair, use an extra or heavy hold hair gel. Regular or medium hold is suitable for normal to thicker hair. An extra shine pomade is ideal for extra shiny hair. A shine product provides a wet look hairstyle. A Clay and Fiber pomade provide a matte or casual look. For each hair care product, the degree of firmness or hold and shine or shine is stated: from medium to maximum firmness and from light, medium to maximum shine.

Pomade hair clay

The hair clay has a firm and thick consistency. You must first rub this pomade well between your fingertips to make it easy to handle. The clay pomade gives volume because of the fine clay in the composition. Use a clay pomade for a natural and matte finish or for a messy look.

Matte paste pomade

With a matte paste pomade you can style your hair without giving your hair shine. Matte pomades have a paste-like composition. The formula feels slightly drier compared to a traditional pomade. These pomades have a medium hold and are perfect for a looser or more casual look.

Spray gels

There are also spray gels in handy pump bottles. Easy to apply and distribute. Spray a small amount of spray gel into your hair. Then distribute the tonic by combing well.

Hair tonics

Classic 'old-school' hair tonics provide an invigorating and fresh feeling on the scalp and easy-to-comb hair. A tonic also provides more shine in the hair. A tonic with oil is suitable for dry scalp. Do you have an oily scalp? Then use a hair tonic without oil. Place a small amount of tonic in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together and work it into towel-dried or damp hair. Comb your hair well to distribute the tonic. And then style your hair.

Which brands sell pomade?

The range of hair styling products is enormous. American Crew is a professional hair styling brand. They have 6 different hair products. Layrite and Suavecito are well-known barbershop pomade brands from the USA. Men-Ü from the UK is a professional hair salon brand. Men-Ü has various pomades, clays and spray gels. Reuzel Pomade is the hair styling brand of Schorem Barbiers. The American Clubman Pinaud and the English Truefitt and Hill have various classic hair tonics.

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